Common Myths and Facts About Grout and Tile Cleaning

Tile is the most preferred choice for bathrooms, everyone will agree with that statement. The proper care for its cleanliness plays an essential role for our good health. Even though this is a strong and durable material, quality tile cleaning must be performed every now and then. This blog will give you some helpful information about the most common tile and grout cleaning myths:

  • Mopping itself is an effective cleaning method. The truth is that mopping is great for keeping tile surfaces clean but it is not sufficient. It does not eliminate all the dirt, grime, and bacteria built up as a result of regular human activity. Constant moisture creates an additional environment for mold and mildew growth that can be removed only by more powerful cleaning products.
  • Cleaning with acid-based solutions is the perfect method. This is another very common misconception. If you clean your tile and grout with bleach once or twice, nothing will happen. But if you keep doing it on a regular basis, due to their strong concentration, these products can damage your grout structure and tile surface. Not to mention the hazardous vapors you will breathe. Bleach will make your grout slowly deteriorate, weaken, and eventually, completely disappear over time.
  • Sealed grout does not need to be cleaned. While everyone should seal their bathroom’s grout, avoiding regular cleaning is totally wrong. Correct and careful maintenance will keep it from wear and tear.
  • Washing your tile and grout with soapy water is the perfect solution for the easy cleaning of stubborn stains. Another common deception. Many people believe that washing them with soapy water will remove all the built up dirt. This is true but only if you leave it to work for a few minutes. If you let it dry completely, it will form a thin film over your tiles that will attract more grime in the future.
  • Scrubbing with a wire brush is absolutely safe and will remove the mold on your tiles. Many homeowners such brushes them cleaning their baths. However, while wire brushes can eliminate most of the dirt, they will eliminate your grout too. It is a lot better option to use a soft brush in a combination with a professional cleaning product.

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